Crafting for a Good Cause

Is it that time of year for you guys, when the kids need money for everything? Like
School pictures
New clothes
Did everyone really grow out of their tennis shoes?
The Jog-a-thon (already?)
The soccer fundraiser and
The yearbook, which is quite a racket considering I could grow a baby start to finish before I'll actually see the yearbook.

I feel poor in the Fall. But, every Spring I'm poor because of Dance Recital cosumes, summer programs, damage to that school instrument we rented :( etc..... But, still we ask our friends every Spring to open their wallets and put on their tennis shoes to support a cause important to us....



For 24 hours straight our team has a representative on the track and each team has a booth to raffle fun stuff or sell yummy or cool stuff. So every year we craft because 100% of what is sold at the event goes to American Cancer Society. My oldest daughter is one of the only grandkids who was old enough to remember my mom and this is her baby, she is team captain every year. Our team name is Grammie's Garden so you'll notice a theme in some of our goodies....

We made "Candy" Necklaces. Really a wooden bead covered in fun fabric.


Fun flower wands with silk flowers, tulle, ribbon, and fabric to add sassiness.


Wooden flower wands with cute paper Modge Podged on.


Crayon Rolls and Colored Pencil Rolls and fabric headbands. Hair bows and flowers donated by a wonderfully generous friend.


Cute mesh purses and rice heating pads, made by two different and awesome friends.


And, my favorite thing to decorate... these $1.00 wooden frames from Michaels. (These are the sad ones that didn't sell. Someone (ME) forgot to take pictures of all the ones that were cuter).


Also I am sueing myself for not getting a picture of the most darling market totes that Ashleigh made. It's a travesty really. We crafted ourselves crazy but we laughed and thought of our Mom the whole time. Thank you to everyone out there in blogland for inspiring us and giving us tutorials. Thank you to all of our friends who support this "Bee in our Bonnet" that we have every year. Thank you to my kids for eating Hot 'n Ready pizzas for a week solid while mom crafted. Until next Spring.....

School Supply Clearance Time!

It's that time of year again...SCHOOL SUPPLIES ARE ON SALE!
I just saw a 24 pack of crayons on clearance for 8 cents! That makes me giddy!

I feel an impulsive need to stock up on glue sticks, pencils and notebooks!
Really, these things come in handy sometimes.

Last year around this time, I taught a lesson at church about journal writing and personal history.
I found composition books and spiral notebooks on sale for 5 and 10 cents each!!!
So I made these to give out to each child.

school supply clearance

I covered the composition books with patterned paper and made a label.
I printed out a title on white cardstock, glued it on the notebook and trimmed the edges.
Easy, and CHEAP!

Customizing notebooks is so fun for kids.
We've used scrapbook paper, ribbon and even pictures. Hours of entertainment I tell ya!
cousins notebook

Composition books hold up really well. We've been toting this around for 4 years!

So keep your eye on the school supply clearance section.
An extra dollar on your Target bill can easily go undetected. :) :) :)

Music Quilt

I can't take any credit for this fabulous quilt.

It is the handy work of my daughter, Lindsey.
Since she recently turned 10, she got to learn how to sew from her Grandma. She learned from the best!
She was thrilled and excited to learn, but also excited to spend time with her cousin (her age) and Grandma.

Over the course of the week, she learned how to pick fabric, use the rotary cutter, sew strips,
cut blocks, sew blocks together, use the big quilting machine and sew on binding!
Her grandma did say that she had to help quite a bit with the big quilting machine
(because it was a little hard for her to maneuver) and the binding.
But with the help of a 1/4 inch quilting foot, she sewed the blocks by herself.
Who knew a 10 year old was capable of these things? I was so impressed.
open quilt

The very first fabric she wanted was the music note fabric. She loves to play the piano and loves music.
She thought about using all black and whites, but then decided to add some color.
I thought her choices were great!

After the top was made we went to pick the fabric for the back and she wanted the zebra print.
This made it quite the sassy music/zebra quilt. I told her anything can go together if you love it!
back of quilt

So now she has made this her "piano quilt."
She gets cold as she practices early in the morning in a room where the windows are open
(so I can cool the house down).

She wanted to know if her project could be on the blog.
With quality work like this, I invited her to "guest post" any time she wants!

Sentimental Makeover

This old buffet has a story.

My dad made it in a college woodworking course way back in the 1970's.
My mom told the story of being newlyweds with a husband in dental school.
They were living frugally to say the least, and a big splurge was when she bought juice at the grocery.
Their only piece of nice furniture was this buffet that my dad made.
This was a fixture in my house for as long as I can remember.


Recently, I've been looking for a buffet-ish thing to put across from my dining room table.
Then I came across the old buffet in a back room of my dad's house, piled with random stuff.
In the drawer were some cub scout patches from decades ago.
Obviously it wasn't really being used, other than to collect dust.
I thought I should be the one to put it to good use, but the brown just wouldn't work in there.

So I got brave and asked my Dad if I could have it, and uh..... refinish it.
He's sentimental about this old piece, so I was kind of expecting a "no."
But he said YES!

So I took off the hardware.

And I sanded and sanded. There was a thick lacquer I had to get through.
Then I cleaned the wood with TSP.

I knew I didn't want any shade or brown or stain. So I thought I'd paint it white.
Then after tossing and turning at night, and feeling brave, I decided to step out of my black and white box.
I wanted to bring some blues into this room, so why not do it with this old buffet?
I picked the "Martha Stewart" shade, Tidewater.
It is practically a neutral color, the way it blends with gray undertones.
But I'm still claiming it was a bold color choice!

I used some of the same hardware, some new.
I spray painted it all (so it would look the same) with the special kind of rustoleum that paints metal.

Now this old buffet has stepped into 2010 with a fresh updated look.
It is also functional, and serves as storage for my extra dishes and serving pieces.

I love walking by and thinking about how much my parents enjoyed this buffet for so many years.
I think that furniture with a story is the best kind of furniture there is!

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"Out of this World" Boys Bedroom

I may have set your expectations a tad too high with that title but my boys do share a bedroom that is Out of this World.

Out of this World messy? Yes. But also, Out of this World as in the solar system!
Oooooh! Ahhhhh! (That was a little cheer I did for myself because I happened upon their room when it was clean enough to photograph, they may turn out o.k. after all)


I gathered every can of paint lurking in the garages of all my family, friends and random high school facebook friends so I could paint these little planets.

125 126 131

They aren't to scale or even scientifically accurate but I did get them in the correct order. Then my brothers got really educational and painted the glow in the dark real and actual solar system on their ceiling. It's awesome! And in a random twist of fate, my friend who printed the vinyl lettering for the names of the planets accidentally dropped Pluto and it was never seen again. Shortly thereafter we found out Pluto wasn't actually a planet. Spooky!

So as to not pay Out of this World prices for Pottery Barn decor, I did a little paper/fabric art.


And, since I felt so good about decorating while being educational, I decided to decorate and be motivational, too.


So boys, go ahead and reach for the stars but don't bring home any more trophies, there isn't room on the shelf.

First Day Survival Kit

Twas the night before school started, and all through the house.
All the kids were stirring, trying to find their new blouse.
Their backpacks were hung on their doorknobs with care,
In hopes that I'd wake up in time to do their hair.

Are you more alarmed at my cheesiness or that it's Aug 1st and I'm talking about back to school?

Well, it really is the night before school starts! True story.

So, as an attempt to start off on the right foot, I always greet the teacher with a little something.
In fact, last year's treat was my very first blog post on bee in our bonnet.

This year I put together a little first-aid kit. Teacher style.

Very simple. I got mini floss organizers at the craft store and made a little label in photoshop.
plain kit

Then I filled them with Band-Aids, a hand-sanitizer, treats, and other small school stuff.
I was inspired when I was saw this big craft box with school supplies. It is stinkin' cute!

I wrapped it up with a tag. (The apple is from the "hello teacher kit" on house of 3).
1 kit

I want to be nestled, all snug in my bed,
But I'm glad I stayed up and made teacher gifts instead.
Because teachers need kuddos and treats that bring cheer,
And I am just hoping we have a good school year!

I couldn't resist some more rhyming.


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