Kid-Made Cupcakes From the Archives

It's kinda a tradition to make some sort of Easter basket cupcake.

This is last year:
easter basket cupcakes

It was a devastating emergency when our whole town was out of cadbury mini eggs,
which are the cutest egg for a mini basket. I looked everywhere.
But just a few days before Easter, they were no where to be found.

This called for a substitution of peanut m&ms. We also used this stuff called edible grass.
This edible grass comes in long strands (you can find it at Target) and we just cut it up into small pieces.
-The handle of the basket is made from the rainbow colored twizzlers.
I have dyed coconut green in years past, but the kids never end up using it.
Like in these pictures from 2 years ago. No grass.
jen and natalie

I couldn't access pictures from more than 2 years back, but every year and every version was fun.
Anyway we tried it, our kids appreciated having free reign and creativity with the supplies given

In this picture, Justin was barely 2 and I love the look on his face.
I imagine he was thinking, "one of these things is not like the other."
Or, "why doesn't mine look like that one?"
Or maybe in his 2-year old mind he was thinking, "I just made an awesome Easter basket cupcake."
justin making cupcake

The kids love this tradition and I have a bag of cadbury mini's ready for this year!

p.s. I'm really excited about hitting 50 followers!
Thank-you to the 50 people (and any non-official fans) who are exited about bee in our bonnet.
It keeps us motivated to share!

Baby Shower Bouquet

Once upon a time we had a friend who refused to let us throw her a baby shower.

And apparently she is more convincing than I was when I said the same thing (but I'm over it and loved my groovy shower).

But we love her too much to let her get off that easily.

So, we did a baby shower in a bouquet! Lots of fun gift cards among some beautiful flowers.


First of all, here is the disclaimer: I don't know a thing about floral arranging. I often pretend I can do things I have no business doing.

Line the basket with plastic and then put the floral foam in.


Start with the greenery. I think that's a rule. I got lemon leaf, leather fern, and baby's breath.


Then add some perty flowers and water the foam.

Then, borrow the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge and cut some cute little matching envelopes to put all the gift certificates in.

I bought the clear plastic card holders from the florist to put the envelopes in but you could use long skewers as well.

Add a card to say who the gift is from and voila! Baby Shower Bouquet!


For another friend Ashleigh did a baby shower book with the cutest sayings and each page had a different gift card. You could also do an edible bouquet with fruit or cookies or candy bars (chocolate is one of the five food groups for pregnant people).

No matter what you do, find a way to spoil a pregnant lady, even a shy one. Because, I believe every baby deserves a party especially this one because he doesn't know he's the fourth boy.

Fondant Play-Date

Easter Cupcakes copy
So, I'm new to fondant, right?
You saw my first cake here.

Well, it was fun. I'm telling you, it's as easy as play-dough!
So after the party I let the kids go for it with a single layer cake and leftover fondant.
playing with fondant

Anyway, I had just a tad more white left, and this week I was ready for another play date with fondant.
I tinted it a few pastel colors, cut out some mini Easter shapes and made my Easter cupcakes.

The only problem in this whole deal is that my kids (and most people)
don't love the taste of fondant and prefer a frosted cupcake.

People, I aim to please. So most of the cupcakes had minimal fondant...
vanilla frosting

But really, who cares how they taste when the cute bunnies are hopping through the grass?
bunnies copy

I'm going with looks over taste on this one.

Chicky Snacks

I'm sure you all know the the awe inspiring "bakerella"-
famous in blogland for her cupcake pops.

Well, have you tried them yet?

Kass and I made these last Easter time.
Yep, the cuteness of these little chicks sent me over the edge from...
I should try to make those- to -I have to make those cupcake pops ASAP.

They were a little time consuming and involved ignoring the children just a bit.
But look how cute:
chick pops

I finished them off by painting a terra cotta pot pink and putting a little grass in.
I gave them to my VT people and neighbors and there were still plenty for the fam.

But, cuteness is not the end of it.
Did you know they are actually really tasty too?

I won't forget the text I got from our neighbor after he ate them.
He said, "Those chicky snacks are off the chains!"

So, from then on, these are not called cake pops in our house,
they are called "CHICKY SNACKS."

And I was thinking... its about time to make some chicky snacks again.

Bring on the eggs!

I'm really excited for all things Easter.
I just have to remember to skip the Easter candy aisle.
The Cadbury mini eggs scream my name for pete's sake.
I'm staying strong for now. Clean record. Promise. I haven't had any... yet.

I've always wanted an egg tree to make the house more festive.
I love the ones from Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and even enjoy my simple version.

egg tree

I just grabbed some cheap stems from Michael's and a bag of glitter eggs from Target.
Easier, but not as fun as glittering the eggs (with Martha glitter) myself.
I tied a little loop of ribbon and hot glued it to the egg.

So lets bring on the pastels, the chicks, the bunnies, the flowers and the colored eggs.

Saying colored eggs just makes me think of- you know what- again!
If someone knows how to keep the Cadbury mini egg cravings to a minimum, let me know.

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In the Mood...

I'm in the mood to sew.

Aren't these fabrics just edible?
Okay, I don't eat fabric, but I do snuggle it a little.

My favorite place for gorgeous and affordable fabric is here.
My recent fabric spree is what has me totally inspired, beyond my actual sewing capabilities.
I keep meaning to take real sewing lessons, but until then, I manage to stumble through my projects.

I have made a few aprons with this Amy Butler pattern.
I've made them for gifts and I'm finding it harder and harder to give them away.
I don't even have one single apron. How wrong is that?

And I'm knee deep in a quilt for my daughter.
I'm doing a variation of this pattern from Moda Bake Shop.
But I'm most excited (and nervous) about sewing with minky fabric for the first time. (Any tips?)
It will be so soft on the back. I love the subtle paisley print in it.
I'll show ya the finished product later.

If you have stopped by and wondered why I'm in my pajamas at noon, now you understand.
Or if I have been forgetful (sorry Starla) because I am not sleeping much, now you understand.

I've been sewing.

Incredibles Party

My son is obsessed with the Incredibles movie,
which made it really easy to decide on this as his party theme.
I wanted to share some of the things I did to TRY to make the party as Incredible as Justin is.
Lots of it can be adapted to other party themes.

I started by making this invitation in photoshop.

Then, we wrapped it up with a newspaper and hand-delivered most of them like this.

I didn't want to buy a whole costume, so I made this little T-shirt for him.
I just cut out pieces, put interfacing on the back and sewed them on to a 5 dollar tee from Target.
Then I stuffed batting into his shirt for a few muscles.
He had no problem acting the part when I took pictures for the invitation.


I did a few homemade decorations. These pinwheel things are so fun.
mr. incredible pinwheel

First, I used cardstock and hot-glue to make these.

Then I printed images from the internet and put the characters in the center.
I hung them from the chandelier.
pinwheel decor

Another thing that was semi-homemade was the pinata.
syndrome pinata

I wanted them to beat-up on a syndrome pinata, but couldn't buy one, so I improvised.
I got this little cheapie from the grocery store and turned the happy sun into a nasty villain.
flower pinata

Again, I just printed off the internet and mounted them on paper.
syndrome picts

Here is the run-down of what we did:
Keep in mind, the kids are 3, so things were pretty simple.
Also keep in mind that the 70 degree weather I was wanting came two days too late.
There was such a chili wind we had to do all of the activities inside. :(

When they arrived we watched a little bit of the movie to refresh their memories.

Then we had a healthy snack.
I told them that superheroes need to eat healthy food to be strong.
The one who needed this lecture the most was my own picky-eater!
Anyway, we had to fuel up before our training started.
healthy snack

We started training with weights to be strong like Mr. Incredible.
We started with 2 pounders and then they tried harder weights- up to 10 pounds.
They were so cute as they tried. And these were some buffed 3 year olds.

Then we practiced running fast like Dash.
They all ran a different, haphazard route around the cones,
but were so excited to get to the finishing point.

Then we skipped the obstacle course I planned because it couldn't be done inside.
But now that we were in superhero shape, we were ready to practice fighting Syndrome.
We just needed superhero masks first. (I made cut these out of foam and tied on elastic.

So we did the pinata... inside... totally weird.... I know.
Three year-olds swinging a bat in your home isn't usually a thing I would suggest,
but the kids still loved it and all the decor and electronics survived.
pinata fun

And the final event... a battle with the "real" Syndrome.
Now that they had trained and practiced, they were prepared to battle the enemy.
Syndrome came out and there were 2 boys who immediately jumped on him to wrestle.
They got the idea perfectly after Justin started beating on his Dad. Others were just watching in amazement.
Two little girls were hiding behind my back getting more frightened by the minute.
So the battle was short-lived so as not to leave permanent emotional scars.
I have checked in with their parents and the girls both had positive things to say about the party.
The battle segment didn't ruin their fun. :)

My husband isn't known to do these kinds of things, and he really didn't want to do the red hair.
But he did. And I was pleasantly surprised. And I told him he deserved "father of the year."
Three year olds beating on you doesn't hurt that bad, but he does have a broken arm (that he hasn't casted yet)!
True dedication to the party, I say!

After all of this insanity we settled in to presents and cake and ice cream.
It cracked me up that so many of them were so excited about the gifts
they had gotten him, they began opening their own and yelling out what it was. So cute.
Good times.

Here is the cake. It was my first time with fondant, and it wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be.
I guess all my practice with play-dough came in handy.

Justin was more excited about his star candles than the cake. One never knows how to please a 3 year old.
justin and cake

And last but not least... these are the goodie bags.
I was quite good at making the Incredibles symbol by the end of this.
Or so I thought until I realized I did them all the opposite way. Oh well.

Inside I had a bunch of fun Incredibles stuff that I scored from the dollar spot at Target.
I bought all of this months ago. I loaded up with all they had, not really having any plans yet.
favor content 2

But, it all came together nicely, considering I did 95 % of this 2 days before.
I always have plans in my head, but don't really pull them off until the last minute!
It was a great, small birthday party that was suited just for my incredible boy.

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The Brady Bunch Theme

I forgot to tell you about the little surprise shower I gave my sister.

Of course she didn't agree to any of it. She said, nada, nothing, no way, it's my 6th!
However, I think every baby deserves a party, plus it had been 9 years since she had a baby boy.
I knew that the few people who came would bring a gift to her house anyway, why not give them a party?

So the idea was low-key, just a small casual get together, so she wouldn't be too mad at me.
But I couldn't help having a small theme when inspiration struck!
Brady Bunch!
She was about to have 3 boys and 3 girls and her last name starts with B! Perfect.

I secretly got her kids over here to take their pictures and crated this simple, but funny invitation.

On the inside, I rewrote the theme-song. Can you please sing it as you read?
Here's the story, of a lovely lady, who was busy with 5 kids of her own.
All of them were so much fun, like their mother. The youngest one in curls.
It's the story, of a man named Brandon who was busy with great things of his own.
They were happy, living all together, but someone was missing in their home.
Till the one day when the lady had some good news. And we knew that it was much more than a hunch.
That a baby, would soon be joining the family. That's the way they all became the (last name) Bunch!
(Thank-you for singing, it is only right).

I didn't take hardly any pictures. I'm a bad blogger, but I was hosting a gig, okay!
I found some polyester fabric for a tablecloth and made a simple 70's-ish table runner out of paisley fabric.
I even shopped Goodwill for old school serving pieces.
We had appetizers and sweets and throughout the serving table, were framed pictures of the original bunch.
brady kids

If there is anyone out there who has a sister who is about to complete her Brady Bunch, go for it.
Go 70's/Brady style! Chances are, you won't use this idea, but I decided to share anyway! :)

I'll admit that this beaded room divider was a total "bee in my bonnet."
The episode where Greg got to move his room upstairs really sticks out in my mind.
I always thought his room was so groovy with his beaded room divider.
I was set on having one of these for the shower. And since I was planning it pretty last-minute,
there was no time to order one online. I was set on making one.
By the way it took forever and I had to enlist the help of friends.
But thankfully, the shower was adorned with this beauty.
beaded garland

Lauri did the favor and made cute little cookies. "Peace out"... genius way to send off guests.

Katie did such a fun game. She did her research and came up with a quiz that
connected an episode of the Brady Bunch to misc. facts about her family.

"At one time, Jan received a locket, only to lost it. Whith the help of the Brady's, she found it again. What item most often gets lost around their home, forcing the family to band together and search for it?"

"The Brady family was featured in the newspaper for their teeter-totter record, Mike's Father of the Year Award and Peter's heroic actions. Which of Kathryn's family members have been in the paper and what were they featured for?"

Seriously, all the questions were so funny. All of us 30-somethings laughed as we remembered the episode
and also learned something new about Kathryn at the same time.

And don't worry, I had the theme music playing the second she walked in the door and we said, "surprise."

Yes, I really humored myself with this silly little theme. I stopped myself at dressing up as Alice.
Sad, I know.

Scrumptious Salsa

For those of you who regularly read this blog and see all of the fabulous recipes that Ashleigh posts, you're gonna want to sit down....

I'm posting a recipe!!!!!

You will never see a squash soup recipe I made up or homemade ravioli from this girl, but this salsa is quick and easy and my "Go to" recipe whenever I need to bring a snack somewhere. I keep most all of the ingredients on hand and it takes all of 5 minutes to make. I have to give a shout out to my brother -in-law, Curtis, who got this recipe when he was living in Arizona and I have changed just a few things over the years.

These are the ingredients....
2 Cans Stewed Tomatoes (Mexican or Italian style, either works)
1 Small Can El Pato brand Mexican tomato sauce (in the ethnic food section of my grocery)
1/2 small jar of Herdez brand salsa (also in the ethnic food section)
3-4 green onions chopped coarsely
1/3 bunch of fresh cilantro chopped coarsely
2-4 cloves garlic (depending on size of clove and preference)

Literally open cans, coarsely chop and throw it all in the blender.
I blend it pretty well, this is more of a liquidy salsa, rather than chunky.

I pour it into mason jars and pop into the fridge. It seems to keep well for up to a week but usually doesn't last that long around here. I even gave these out (with chips) as Christmas gifts one year to my neigbors and kids' teachers. I said something about spicing up the holidays on a tag.


So, I hope this spices up your next tortilla chip, or taco, or burrito!
And don't hold your breath for any more of my recipes.
Unless you want the phone number for Little Ceasars, it's on speed dial from my cell.

Green stuff from the archives

What to blog when I've been out of town.....

I took a looksie in the archives of my photos for something St. Patricks Day-ish.

This was a visiting teaching gift last year.
A little pot of cookies and shamrock suckers, plus the message all on a stick!
St. Patrick's Pot

And if there's anyone out there who has to help their child make a leprechaun trap....
leprechaun trap

We made this out of an unfinished tissue box.
The two little sticks in the entry had fishing line tied across,
so that when the leprechaun came in, he tripped on this line and the door closed.
We decorated the inside with a pot of gold, rainbows and glitter to tempt the little guy.
This is a fun little project and an opportunity to get really creative with your kids.

I'm looking forward to life getting back to normal this week and hopefully getting to a project, or recipe or two!
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