Holiday canvas art

So Ashleigh and I started our Black Friday madness on Thanksgiving night when we went to Michaels, only we didn't realize they closed in 30 minutes.

What's a girl to do with a great coupon and only 30 minutes?

We made some kinda rash decisions.

Like when we both bought huge canvases with only a vague idea of what we would do with them.

Since I couldn't really hide the evidence of my hasty purchase (there's just nowhere to hide that beast), I decided I'd better put it to use.

I saw this card at Tiny Prints and was inspired by the way the writing looked.

tiny prints

So, I found a font I liked, and projected it onto my canvas with my hubbys work projector, traced with pencil and then painted. Yeah!


I painted the colors first and then the words in silver acryllic paint. I couldn't figure out what to fill the centers of letters and finally decided on some bling, also known as pink glitter.


It's still a work in progress but I think my new canvas added a little something different to my mantle this year.

Anybody wanna come to Michaels with me? You never know what last minute decisions I will inspire you to make.

And, I have a coupon!


  1. I have a few projects around my house bought only to use the coupon. I love the colors you used it looks great with your mantel.

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