Pennant Banner

Pennant Banners are hip and happenin' so I jumped on the bandwagon.
I thought this dressed up my window just as well as curtains or a valance would have.
It adds a little something to the shutters, draws the eye up and breaks up the wall a little.

I wouldn't have gotten this done in time for the contest deadline, if Kathryn hadn't swooped in and helped me whip it out. Thank goodness for sisters who support your perfectionism, even when rolling their eyes. Just kidding, she was happy to help.

She cut as I ran them through the machine.
A guide and a rotary cutter made for quick work.
The fabric was folded at the top, making these double-sided when they were done.
banner 1

I sewed (with clear thread) a v-shape and left some space at the top to thread the ribbon through.
I trimmed them with pinking shears when done.
banner 2
Since these were relatively small, so I didn't use interfacing. But if you are doing them much bigger, I would use fusible interfacing inside to make them hold their shape without curling up.

Kass taped the end of the ribbon to a skewer to thread the flags through
banner 3

I knew I wanted a big chunky sun on the wall to represent my "you are my sunshine" theme.

I drew what I thought I wanted on a piece of butcher paper and cut it out. Then I put it up on the wall to see if I liked the size and shape in relation to the room. I wanted it a little bigger than this, so I'm glad I tested it out.
sun 1

I bought cheap old (1/2") particle board and the hubs cut it out with a jig-saw.
sun 2
I wanted it to come off the wall, sorta like a "pop-dot" on a piece of scrapbook paper. So he used a 8" square of 1" thick pine and screwed that into a stud. Then we attached the sun to that, countersinking the screws. I filled the hole with putty and painted over that little spot. I'm going to do a cloud on the other wall in her room. I just love the bright and simple look of this sun!

So that is all the play by plays on how I re-did this room...... SO FAR.

Last but not least, you must go see the final three in Crafting with the Stars!
They came up with 3 great Christmas projects that I know you will find inspiring!


  1. i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this whole bedroom set!! what a clever idea and i luuuuuuv the colors!! i am kicking myself for not having a sewing machine because i have 500 girls and this would be awesome in one of their rooms!! great great job, and a lil' fast food never hurt anybody. ;D

  2. In LOVE with the sun! It just pops from the wall.

  3. This is such an ADORABLE room! I ran across your blog on your Facebook... you girls are so talented. I enjoyed looking through all your projects, recipes, parties, etc. Your tribute to your mom really touched my heart.

  4. I found you by way of....oh goodness I couldn't tell you if I tried. It was one of those days I started clicking and went half way around blogoshpere in less than 1 hr. and found some pretty neat sites. Your site being one of them. I'm loving all your crafty ideas and you make me want to get more proficient with power tools.
    That daybed gave me an idea to paint a bottom twin bed I have which is just like this one only unpainted & UGLY!! You have so inspired me!! Glad to have found 6 yr. old granddaughter and I will love making some of your projects (she helps as much as a 6yr. old can)
    Stop by for a quick visit if you ever have time.
    Blessings from HOT Alabama
    Gmama Jane


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