Sassy Zebra Cupcakes

What to do when your 16 year old politely asks if you could bring 50 cupcakes to High School for her birthday?

Smile inside and do a litte cheer because even though I don't get to help in her classroom with painting projects, and I don't know all of her friends and I only get to hold her hand when she's in the mood, I still get to bring cupcakes to school.

So they have to be good.

And not totally embarassing.

So, they're zebra.


I'm no cake decorator but I figured if I put two colors in the bag, it would kinda work.

It also kinda turned their tongues black. Which they may have kinda liked.

Luckily I made these, too.


As she walked away with 3 friends each holding trays of cupcakes, she turned around and said, "Thanks mom."

Awwww! She really is sweet sixteen!


  1. Adorable cupcakes and SO worth that "thanks mom" at the end!

  2. Love it when they let you help them and you can see those little glipses of that little girl who is growing up way too soon!!


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