Monster Eyeballs

monster eyeballs- missing

These were so fun, fast and easy. You want to make some?

I started with cheater/ready-made cream puffs. I scored 110 of these babies from Costco for 9.99.
That's hard to beat!
cream puffs

Then we, the kiddos and I, dipped them in white chocolate candy melts.
I just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir, then repeat (usually 3-4 times) until its melted.
Dip about half-way in.

Then while it's still wet, put a chocolate chip, upside-down in the center.
Don't press it all the way down, leave it raised a little.
chocolate chip

Now set them down and let them dry.
{I don't know why I have the urge to line them up at this point. It doesn't matter, I know.
Somehow it just makes me feel better. Is that wrong?}

Then I dyed some of the white chocolate to green (gel color works best) and put it in my squeezie bottle.
Now we drew a couple circles around the chocolate chip.
Right after, give it a few quick shakes to level out the chocolate and make it smoother.
Now you have eyeballs. Different colors would be fun too.

Then we just slipped them right onto these short bamboo skewers I got from world market.
My 10 year old says they're too creepy to eat.
I just needed to remind her, they taste like cream puffs and chocolate. Then she braved a bite.
monster eyeballs 2

Can you believe your easy was that?

p.s. Can you also believe your eyes at how crazy-amazing all of the projects are at at "sew dang cute?"
I didn't realize I was entering a contest with professionals!

I'm linking to TidyMom.


  1. So cute! Love how easy they are to do!

  2. These are really cute and easy... might have to bring them into work for grins!

  3. Okay Ash, this is way too funny... we must be related or something. I made monster eyeballs last night too! Except I made mine using my buckeye recipe (chocolate covered peanut butter balls, they seriously taste like reese's) and then dipped them in white chocolate and used green, brown, and red to color the eyes. John asked if I was taking pictures. I said "no, this is an experiment, I'll make them cuter next time". He agreed, they not looking blog worthy, yet. But they were good enough to share with neighbors as an anonymous boo treat and, of course, I ate a few myself.

  4. Oh, Ashleigh, those are awesome! Hmmm, maybe I need to take a batch of these to the Halloween party. I wonder if donut holes would work...

  5. Donut holes would be awesome too! I wanna see picts, Chris!

  6. I'm excited to make some of these with my kids. I might try and use them on a cake for our school carnival. thanks for the great idea.

  7. love those cream puffs-they're my go to dessert, just dip them in hot fudge, when I need a quick, easy dessert-they are so cute as eyeballs-my kids will love these!

  8. Okay, I picked up those same cute skewers at World Market AND I'm heading to Costco this week. Guess what I'll be serving at my pumpkin carving party this Saturday? Thanks for the idea!

  9. these are too fun!! and i love those little cream puffs! thanks for sharing this fabulous idea!

  10. These are so cute and easy! I may have to pick up some cream puffs for my Halloween party this Friday!

  11. Congrats on advancing to week 2. You got the second most votes.!!! Woo hoo!!!

    Cheri from and

  12. Thanks for sharing, this was awesome! I didn't have a squeezy bottle to put the colored chocolate in so I ended up using gel icing for the colored parts. it was gooey and creepy and worked great. And made it really easy to use different colors!! I even dragged a toothpick through the red gel eyes so they looked bloodshot. The only downside to using gel icing is it doesn't totally harden like the chocolate does, so be careful when you're packaging them. :) Here's a picture of the way mine turned out:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Adorable!!! Congratulations, you made this week's Top 5 Hits. These are just so cute and easy. I'm making some today.

  14. Oh, I'm so making these for the ladies at school...I think I'll use gummy Life Savers for the irises!


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