Cute Little Pumpkin Muffins

Why are these mini-pumpkin muffins are so adorable?
Just like puppies and babies, the smaller version is so much cuter.
pumpkin muffins

I got out my little tart/mini muffin pans,
then made a pumpkin bread recipe.
(Use your personal favorite. I haven't met a pumpkin bread I didn't like.
This is the next recipe I want to try).
I filled them with a baby cookie scoop in an attempt to make them even.

You're never going to believe how many it made.
1 large pumpkin loaf=64 mini muffins!
I usually slice the bread into about 10 big pieces.
So that means I get 6.4 bites per serving, right?

Here's my number one reason why I'm in love with these.
1 loaf=60 minutes cook time
3 dozen mini muffins=10 minutes cook time.
It is almost instant gratification. No more waiting forever to satisfy my pumpkin craving!

Oh yeah, then I added cream cheese frosting.
Frosting on bread? Yes.
It added a yummy amount of sweetness.
Then to further experiment,
I made a pumpkin cream cheese frosting by adding some pumpkin butter and more powdered sugar.
I liked both versions.

You could do this same thing with a pumpkin cake recipe,
but then you have to call them mini-cupcakes instead of mini-muffins.
And they would be a little bit sweeter.

I'm picturing mini-banana bread bites, mini-cupcakes, mini-brownies, etc.
These pans are my new favorite.

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  1. Those look amazing. I guess I know what I'm doing this afternoon!

  2. I making these for sure!! Yummy!!!

  3. Oh that totally explains why i love the minis so much more! I also love puppies & babies.

  4. Those looking so yummy! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I love your blog! My brother in law is getting married in February and I'm doing the decorations. I am using "project wedding" as my inspiration! I love your ideas!

  5. Yes, Dave makes fun of me because everytime I say something is cute, he will respond, "becuase it is little right?" I was inspired by your little pans and when I saw three old bananas this morning I decided to make mini banana muffins! I may try your frosting on some of them for fun! Thanks for always inspiring me!

  6. Mmmmm, thanks for the inspiration, I've just made these (using the recipe you linked to) for our Mom's Club Halloween party tomorrow. They're yummy and the cookie scoop idea is genius. The cream cheese frosting is waiting in the fridge to be added in the morning.


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