Spiders and Fall

I can't even handle spiders.

Unless they are fake ones, bound in a shadow box.
Then they become sort of cute. Sort of.
favorite shelf

I brought an old shadow box down from my room and wanted to cut
off spider rings to make a Halloween-ish bug display.

When I went to Michael's, I didn't find your average spider rings.
I found these bad boys! Perfect!
spider ring

I cut the ring off, and put them in with a straight pin.
spiders 2

As I continued to fill up my shelves with fall fun, I broke out the Martha glitter.
Man, I love Martha glitter.
I just printed out what I wanted, covered it with tacky glue and glittered away!

Then I gathered up some old stuff, some more stuff from different rooms and
I bought a few inexpensive frames from IKEA.

I threw it all together with the help of my good friend who is very talented and is
blessed with a "decorators eye." Everyone needs a good friend like that!
She still hasn't put the finishing touches on, but I already love it!

Here are some of the tips she gave me.

So with a little project here and there, and some help from my friend,
it is starting to feel all fall and cozy in our home...
(And I'm really loving my turquoise buffet with the orange pumpkins).

The only thing cramping my "fall style" is that it still hot! 100 today!!!
I'm going to ignore that minor detail and soak up all things fall.

You know what else would make me feel all "fall" inside.
Some pumpkin frozen yogurt, or better yet, I'm breaking out some pumpkin bread.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!


  1. Looking good Ashleigh, I am loving the bug box, it is so very effective! The simplicity of the black, white and orange is great!

  2. I seriously love everything you do on those shelves. You know what else would look good? Painting those chairs a slightly darker shade of turquoise than the buffet. ;) Haha.

  3. Jessica, you might need to sit down for this, but I did paint my chairs. Pictures will come soon!

  4. It turned out so great. I love the costume pics, such a fun and personal touch. And, I can attest to the fact that you hate spiders. (It's true, once after I told her I saw one jumping spider in my backyard she said she wasn't going to come swimming until the pest control people came to my house.)

  5. Ashleigh,
    You are making me want to start decorating. I'm trying to hold off until after my sons Jedi party this weekend. It's killing me.

    p.s. I really think you need to submit your table and I guess chairs to The CSI project. This weeks theme is turquoise.


  6. Love it! I cannot wait to see it. Your home is already amazing, but I love these touches. I agree with the weather making it difficult to feel like it is time for soup and pumpkin recipes...however I broke out my leaves and haven't been outside much, it feels great. (:

  7. This looks great!! Love the spiders--the pins are a great touch!

  8. What a beautiful "fall wall!" Great to have such a talented friend.. Love how it turned out!

  9. I just love your shelves. I have been wanting to make a glitter project like that lately.

    I just began a fall themed party on my blog, I'd love it if you wanted to link up. :)

  10. That is so clever! Now I wish I'd bought more shadowbox frames when they were 50% off at Michaels. Spotted your link at the Ain't She Crazy Halloween link party.

  11. Thanks for linking up!

  12. So fun. You make me want to get out my halloween decor tomorrow! Wanna come help? I'm sure mine won't look anywhere near as good as yours. Love the Michaels spider pins! I'm glad you have a talented friend to help you - you're my talented friend, so thanks!

  13. super cute, ash. isn't martha's glitter the best? now i'm thinking to myself, "hey, i could do that!" guess i needed you and your blog to help me figure that out. i am so not good at decorating...anything. just ask my husband. and hey, i think you should make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and then grab your favorite pumpkin smoothie from jamba. mmmm!

  14. I LOVE every bit of it........and thanks for posting all the tips too!!

    oh, and I agree the turquoise and orange = LOVE!!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  15. Love all of your ideas, I just finshed all my Halloween Decor, Looking at yours makes me want to start again and add more!!!

  16. I love the "Boo" frame. What font is that?


  17. Hi J+S. The font I used to print "BOO" is called, Mesquite Std. :)


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