Project Wedding- The Tables

So excited to have such a great new sister-in-law!
So excited to share more of our wedding decor!

When we were deciding what do do for the tables, tablecloths etc. we had a few "issues."

-The long white tablecloths were free to borrow but very thin so they definitely needed a topper
-There are so many variations on the color turquoise.
-Flowers don't come in turquoise or silver, unless spray paint is involved.
-I have no idea how to actually arrange flowers, even though our mom arranged them at a bazillion weddings.

Here's how we solved all of our problems (well, these at least)

(photo by shandimariephotography)

I found this white fabric with a cool waffley texture and added a two inch turqoise border just enough to set it off from the other tablecloth.


And flowers don't come in turquoise but glass vases do. So, we gathered a lot, like 70, vases, clear and turqoise.

(photo by shandimariephotography)

And put one kind of white flower in each vase for our vase cluster centerpieces. The flowers were so beautiful on their own (and I didn't have to arrange flowers, just vases).

(photo by shandimariephotography)

(photo by shandimariephotography)

At night, the centerpieces took on a new look with the candlelight from the votives.

(photo by shandimariephotography)

(photo by shandimariephotography)

(photo by shandimariephotography)

Stay tuned for more Project Wedding....

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  1. AB-SOOOO-LUT-LY Beautiful!!!!!! That's all I can say.

  2. WOW! That is so pretty! I NEED all those vases! Remember how I just posted saying I am decorating for my sister's reception? Well, I was totally thinking about doing this, and your picture totally inspired me :). You don't by chance live in Mesa, AZ and want to sell/rent all those vases, do you? Let me know :)

  3. I wish I had this idea back when I was planning my wedding!! The flower arrangements are just perfect.

  4. Simply stunning - looks like something out of a bridal magazine!

    Well done ladies!

  5. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I could do this on a smaller scale for a holiday dinner or just for a special look. Love it!

  6. This is exactly the inspiration I was needing to better verbalize what I want for my wedding. Thanks so much for sharing!


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