Project Wedding- The Turquoise Punch

Ashleigh hand painted all of those darling cake stands Pool blue, since the spray paint color wasn't the exact shade of turquoise we wanted. So there was no way we could have a random color drink.

We needed some turquoise punch of course! Wait, is there turquoise punch?

Ash found a recipe for turquoise punch which called for:
Pineapple or blue raspberry sherbet
White Hawaiian Punch

I searched several grocery stores for those ingredients with no luck but I found a few other ingredients and came home to experiment.

Here is our turquoise masterpiece.....


Placed beside ice water in the twin Italian Beverage Jars from the lovely Costco.


I found this Blue Raspberry Lemonade (made by Koolaid but let's just keep that between us) and mixed it with good old Country Time Lemonade. I originally planned to do half and half but it was getting too green so I stopped.


And, I think it was a hit!



  1. BEAUTIFUL!! A few months ago I hosted a baby shower with a Bee theme. I am not in the sam league with you but thought you might want to see it.

  2. That was good. The best part though (not sure if you saw it happen) was when the guy in line ahead of me made part of the tap fall off on accident and the lemonade was spewing out all over the grass and they were frantically filling up cup after cup to catch it until the found the missing piece. Finally someone came to their rescue and tipped the jar on its side. It was stressful. :)

  3. Beautiful! Every detail a masterpiece, what a lovely lovely reception this was!

  4. I'm stealing this idea for my wedding! Can you tell me how much lemonade/koolaid you used to make the blue color? please!!


  5. I'm assuming you went ahead and made up the blue raspberry koolaid with the sugar...then added in the lemonade? Do you know the amount of the ingredients?

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to stop over and let you know that I’ve shared this post in Turquoise and Yellow Wedding inspiration / idea board on my blog
    I hope you can check it out and enjoy the event! <3 The Sparkle Queen

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  9. how much koolaid and lemon aid and sugar?

  10. Can you give me the full recipe for the turquoise punch? I need it for a wedding. Thanks


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