Project Wedding- The Food

I have never cooked for this many people at once.
However, I was really excited at the thought of playing "caterer" at this event.
I knew I was an amateur, and I'd make mistakes, but that means I'd learn a lot too!
So I made my plans, made my stands and made a spreadsheet and timeline of the food.

My goal was to have a good selection of both sweet and savory bite-sized food.
I figure, you can try more kinds of things, if everything is small.
I tried to go with some basics that everyone likes along with a few different flavors.
table 2

For the sweet stuff:
I did lemon bars. I tried out 3 recipes and this was my favorite. (Good old Ina)
lemon bars

I made mint brownies. A recipe from my mom.
mint brownies

I did cream puffs. I didn't make my mom proud with her recipe on this one.
I bought the Costco ones and dipped them in chocolate.
I do love making homemade cream puffs, but they take a lot of time and something had to give.
cream puffs

I put them all in little white papers so they were easy to grab and go.
It was even easy for the little ones to grab and go.
My son's shirt is still white, despite all of the brownies he ate.

For the savory:
I made stuffed jalapenos. So simple, and sooooo good. I used this recipe.

I made caprese bites in honor of my bro, the new Italian professor!
I blogged about them here.

I made baby potato skins, per Kathryn's request. I blogged about them here.
potato skins

I also made lemon garlic shrimp. There was a huge chaffing dish of these babies.
I was really mad at BP.
Because of the oil spill in the gulf, I couldn't get my hands on the prawns I usually use.
I had to use frozen shrimp :( It was still good though.

I made goat cheese stuffed mushrooms, cuz they're my favorite!


And you can't see it here, but in the other chaffing dishes, there were brown sugar smokies.

I also have to cater to the healthy people with some good old fruits and veggies.
We rented some huge rectangular platters and lined up the goodness.
I almost can't get over how beautiful these fresh fruits and veggies were.

veggies 1

veggies 2

So that was my attempt at catering. I think it was the most fun I've had all year!
But let me tell you. I didn't do this alone.
I did this with the help of the kindest friends a wanna-be caterer could ask for.
They insisted on helping me, and I'm so glad they did!
I was able to enjoy the open house while these worker bees had everything
perfect and ready to go out! I am forever grateful for their hours of help!
all desserts

Now how would we do all this and document it all? Not possible.
We had a great photographer who took all of the fabulous pictures of that night.
If you live in our area, you have to check her out! Here is Shandi's website.
I made a little collage of her beautiful photos.
And that is the last of the big event of our summer.
{Sigh} So fun, so fun!


  1. Looks delicious! I love stuffed jalapeƱos. I use turkey bacon which makes them not as greasy but still oh so delicious. You did a beautiful job on this event. Wish I could redo my wedding over again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I am completely in awe at such a fabulous party. What a wonderful gift of love.

  3. Man that was some good food! Now you've made me hungry.

  4. Do you share your Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushroom recipe?

  5. I am drooling over here!!!

    WOW Ashleigh, you did such an awesome job!

    Those mint brownies are to die for, also the cream puffs (even if they are from costco), but the chocolate on top, oh my!!

    I've had your stuffed jalapenos before and they are delish!

    Thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes.

    It was good seeing you today at class!

    Take care.

  6. Great, you've officially destroyed my desire to continue on the diet I started this morning.

    You girls are amazing!!!

  7. To Anonymous-

    I'd be happy to email you my recipe for the stuffed mushrooms, just leave me your address! :) I'm sure I'll get around to posting instructions on the old blog one of these days, but if you don't want to wait for it, leave another comment with your email address, or email me at!

  8. I officallly want to put on a wedding, but you'd have to help me of course! Or lets just find some excuse to have a party and I'll invite myself, I mean throw it and have you help me! BLUE PUNCH?!! I want to have another reception..wait there ya go lets do my 15th wedding anniversary party (its next year so time to plan). Oh people don't have 15th year parties, well I just might!

  9. I'm sad your series is over. I've loved and looked forward to each post. Thanks for sharing all the details.

  10. Hi, I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Have you posted your mom's recipe for the mint brownies? The look soooo good!

    I can't seem to leave your blog!

  11. Love your blog. (Yes, yours is one of those that I've spent hours paging through and then look and go "Is it really after midnight?") Thanks so much for all of your ideas. I'm helping with a second reception for my sister's wedding in May, so I'm using a lot of your ideas. :D Did you post your Mom's mint brownies? Those look wonderful! I am totally going the muffin cup route though. Such a great idea. (And it will make sure that no one grabs 5 cream puffs.

  12. I appreciate a work of the all people that share information with me and others. My self really impressed with this blog. Great post on a subject close to my heart.


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