Project Wedding- The Cookies

You already know that I'm obsessed with sugar cookies.
Frosting them is therapeutic and relaxing to me.
So of course, they needed to be at the wedding.
And they needed to match the little "logo" I made for the cupcake toppers.
sugar cookies

I made them pretty small, as there were other desserts there to try.

The great thing about these is that I could do these 2 days in advance.
(All of the other food was the day before or day of).

I got the royal icing to be a medium thickness.
Thin enough to spread flat and even.
Thick enough, not to fall off the sides of the cookies.
This way, icing the turquoise circles was only one step, instead of 2.
w-o logo

I made a lot. Like almost 300.
They covered many surfaces of my home as they dried.
cookies 2

But I had some secrets to the success of these cute little cookies.
Secret 1- Good friends who helped me ice them. I couldn't do this many alone!
Secret 2- My new cookie cutter set that I'm in love with.
I wanted to find the perfect size scalloped circle and this set had many to choose from.
The best thing is that there is a regular circle cutter on the other side of all of these.
Secret 3- My mini squeeze bottle with a size 1 tip.
Very fine and precise decorating is possible with this, and a steady hand.
cookie cutter
Secret 4- My kopycake projector helped me get each cookie looking uniform
and pretty close to the same as the cake toppers.
cookies 3

Secret 5- They look even yummier on the cake stands!
cookies on stand

So, I had tons of left-overs, but don't you worry, I put them to good use.
The next day at church these cookies stood for "Love and Service"
(instead of Lorren and Scott).


  1. So glad to know what that squeeze bottle you sent me is for! I honestly didn't know. I love how they turned out, and that you got double duty out of all that work. :)

  2. Those are lovely! Do you have a special sugar cookie recipe??

  3. Mmmm, all surfaces in sight covered with a seemingly never-ending array of cookies. A dream come true.
    (I'm Kathryn's sis-in-law) :)

  4. YUMMY!!!!

    I love how the cookies served for 2 purposes! Great thinking there.

  5. i just want to say that each and every little thing you guys did for this reception was awesome. It was just chic elegance, not over-the-top but incredibly stunning. You guys are just so creative and can put together the most beautiful decor! Your hard work totally paid off! Everything edible and non-edible looked beautiful! Great job! Next venture...weddings by Ashleigh and Kathryn! ;D

  6. Love and Service... LOL. They were gorgeous and delicious!

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