"Out of this World" Boys Bedroom

I may have set your expectations a tad too high with that title but my boys do share a bedroom that is Out of this World.

Out of this World messy? Yes. But also, Out of this World as in the solar system!
Oooooh! Ahhhhh! (That was a little cheer I did for myself because I happened upon their room when it was clean enough to photograph, they may turn out o.k. after all)


I gathered every can of paint lurking in the garages of all my family, friends and random high school facebook friends so I could paint these little planets.

125 126 131

They aren't to scale or even scientifically accurate but I did get them in the correct order. Then my brothers got really educational and painted the glow in the dark real and actual solar system on their ceiling. It's awesome! And in a random twist of fate, my friend who printed the vinyl lettering for the names of the planets accidentally dropped Pluto and it was never seen again. Shortly thereafter we found out Pluto wasn't actually a planet. Spooky!

So as to not pay Out of this World prices for Pottery Barn decor, I did a little paper/fabric art.


And, since I felt so good about decorating while being educational, I decided to decorate and be motivational, too.


So boys, go ahead and reach for the stars but don't bring home any more trophies, there isn't room on the shelf.


  1. Kathryn, You are truly talented and Inventive....I love seeing all of your designs!

  2. What an awesomely creative blog! So glad I stumbled across!

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