The Disease of the Ugly Bathroom

For five long years I have been suffering from a disease called The Kids' Bathroom Is Ugly, Plain, and Sometimes Smelly and I Can't Force Myself To Go In It-itis.

Here are the symptoms....

White walls, white shower curtain, shower rod that doesn't actually attach to the wall, Oak cabinets.


The cure, as it turns out, is called The Kids Hate Their Bathroom Too and Won't Stop Using Mine and I Can Only Take So Much Toothpaste In My Sink-illin.

It took a little time to find a shower curtain that all four kids, boys and girls, could agree on. This one was a major compromise for my almost 13 year old son. Sorry to ruin your preteen manly mojo, dude.


I let them pick the paint color and the color of their towel. They thought I was encouraging individuality but really I just want to know who to yell at when the towel is on the ground. And painting those cabinets was like pulling off a bandaid, painful, but it had to be done.


Every throne needs a crown...


And every kid needs subtle reminders...


I survived the disease of the white bathroom for far too long. I don't know where the bee in my bonnet was on that one. Now, I finally have my bathroom back and can actually look in the kids' bathroom when I walk by instead of pretending I've lost all peripheral vision :)

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  1. Kass- love how the bathroom turned out. The colors are so fun, and your painting skills are impressive knowing all you have going on. I like how it turned out so much that I might just go all the way upstairs to use this one when I'm over. lol. Thanks for taking care of the blog while I have "It's summer and I'm unproductive-itis."

    p.s. Did you go as far as cleaning the tile grout? It looks cleaner in the second pic. You get extra credit if you went that far for the "after pic."

  2. LOVE it! The crown is the perfect touch...I'll have to remember it for the next time I redo the bathroom. I just finished our kids' bathroom, and it is so fun to have it done. I can't wait to show what I've been doing with my winnings.
    Have a great night!

  3. Visiting from Tip Junkie! I love all the bright colors you added to your bathroom! And I am loving that "Brush Your Teeth" sign. I definitely need to add that to my kid's bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Our houses don't need to be plain bleak and boring. These are just a few things you can do to give your homes a fresh look.

  5. It is a-dor-a-ble! I really like it! Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick

  6. I love the colors!! The "Brush Your Teeth" is so cute. :) I have oak cabinets too. Blech. Would love to do them in white. Great job with your makeover. So glad that the bath is recovered. ;) I'm visiting from Sarah's Before and After Party (my post is from yesterday). :)

  7. I love bold colors. Down with white!


  8. It looks great Kass! And, as always, I'm super impressed with how many things you find (or make) time to do! Love you!

  9. You did a nice job. I recently redid my kids' bathroom, too, and I'm so happy with it now. If only it would stay clean!

  10. Kathryn, your ideas and designs are the absolute best! I love the bathroom!!! I am sure your children do as well! You are so talented!

  11. Lovely..! I need to steal some ideas from here..!

  12. Oh my gosh - you did a great job! I LOVE those colors - they are perfect together and I bet your kiddos love it! Love the "Brush your teeth" frames too. It all looks perfect!!

  13. It is so, so cute! Love the colors. So fun for kids!

  14. I love it! Perfect all around!

  15. Love the bathroom! So cute and great for both sexes!

  16. This feels so homey! I love the feel of smaller houses. Sounds like a great place to be.

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