Wooohoooo.....It's a Giveaway!

Here's the fab news....
We have hit 100 followers!
We are having our first little giveaway!

We are having so much fun sharing past and current projects with you!
To celebrate 100 of you joining in the fun, we wanted to have a little giveaway!


We wanted to give you a few things that represent some of our projects!
A little of this, a little of that. This grouping is a little bit random, but so is our blog. :)
We know you all dabble in this stuff too,
so this could be the start to some fabulous summer projects for you!

There is some stuff for scrapbooking and painting projects:
scrapbook stuff

There is some stuff for making chocolate suckers, chocolate fruit cups, sugar cookies and cupcakes.
cake stuff

Enter to win this fabulousness:
*Leave a comment telling us you are a follower.
If you aren't, then join in the fun on the sidebar! Don't be shy.
*If there isn't a link back to you through your profile,
make sure you leave us an email address.
*All comments will be entered. One per person, por favor.
*Giveaway ends in a week (June 20th).

This is so fun.
We feel like Oprah...giving away a few of our "favorite things."

Thanks for enjoying "bee in our bonnet" with us!
-Kathryn and Ashleigh


  1. I'm so glad I'm a follower because this is a FABULOUS giveaway. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!

    email: dajack09@yahoo.com

  2. I just became follower 101! What a fun giveaway! Thanks!


  3. I'm a follower!!! Those are some FANTASTIC prizes!!!


  4. Well, you already knew I read your blog, but I just became an official follower! Give aways are always fun and you have some fun prizes:)

  5. I am also a follower. What a fun assortment of crafty goodness you've assembled. Congratulations on 100!

  6. Oooo! I love giveaways! This is my first time joining on following someone. Hope I did it right!

    I love all the great ideas and creativity of your blog!

    Congrats on reaching 100+!


  7. I'm a follower. Love giveaways!

  8. I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Love you - Rachel (Hinckley) Phillipps

  9. I followed you in my google reader for a while now, I just added you in the sidebar.
    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  10. Yay, congrats! Thanks for the chance to win your amazing prize pack. I'm a subscriber through my google reader and on google friend connect.
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  11. I became a follower to get great craft ideas. When I need a project I check out your blog for the latest suggestions. I love them all!

  12. I'm a follower. :)

  13. I'm a follower because I love your blog!

  14. Congrats on hitting 100! I'm a follower! Love your blog! Love that I know you guys in person! I'm a totally wannabe "crafty" mom...Hook me up! ;)

  15. Of course I am a follower I check out your blog and wish I had half the energy or creativity to do the things you guys do I swear you to are the SUPER MOMS love you

  16. Oh how fun. I just found your blog about a week or so ago and started following .... I very well may be your 100's follower....LOL!!!! Love your ideas and projects. As an Activity Day's director for girls 8 - 11 at my church I am always looking for fun ideas. Thank you for all you put into your blog.

  17. I really enjoy your blog I have tried a few things and have had great success! Keep it going, always enjoy your posts!

  18. I am your number one fan. And I'm a follower. Miss you guys!!! Susan

  19. I'm a new follower ...lover your shelves ...great job on them! bggianakos@yahoo.com

  20. I'm a follower! Love the shelves post I have been eying those floating shelves on Knock off Wood for some time I just need to get up the guts to try it!

  21. I am a follower :] Love it


  22. I'm a total follower of the Lemmon sisters! I now use one of those squeezy bottle to decorate my cookies, thanks to you!

  23. You're stuff is so cute! I love being a follower!

  24. I've officially become a follower for your giveaway. This isn't something I usually do, but I do love you guys, so I'll make an exception. I hope I win.

  25. I love your blog! I follow. Thanks for the great giveaway!


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