Teacher Appreciation Scrapbook

We're going to play a little game called "Let's Pretend"

Let's pretend I didn't find 17 otter pop wrappers strewn about the yard yesterday.
Let's pretend my kids have been memorizing math facts everyday since school got out.
Let's pretend the baby didn't have a "blowout" while in the Johnny Jump Up. Sorry, TMI
While were on the topic, let's pretend I've lost the baby weight.
And, let's pretend it's still May and I have the teacher scrapbook done and posted.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, now back to a reality where I have to use my cute sundowner gown as a cellulite hider under (and get a new Johnny Jump Up).

Every year I make these little scrapbooks for my kids' elementary school teachers and I promise they are so easy you could even procrastinate it until the day before school is out. (That may have been another confession, sorry)


For the right side page I print lines for writing onto white cardstock and then cut down to 8X8. Some brands are actually 8.5 X 8.5 which is why there is a border on this one. Not so great planning on my part. Anyway, leftover paper from the bottom (approx 3.5 inches wide) I cut to 6 inches long. I bring these to class where I have arranged for the teacher to take a break and leave me to my secret project. It helps if you have another mom to assist. I have the kids write a letter to the teacher and on the small paper, draw a picture of themselves. During that process, I take them out one by one to take their picture. For kindergarden I interview the kids and write up their responses but by first grade they can usually write something coherent.

For the left hand side, a 4X6 picture and the little picture they drew fit perfectly above a strip of bright patterned paper. I have also used apple paper, school colors, or paper to represent a hobby of the teachers.

Teacher scrapbook_edited-1

For the first and last pages I add things like a picture of them teaching, of the class, of them with my child, field trip etc. Everytime I help in my kids' classrooms I go home and think those teachers don't get paid enough. They sure deserve more than a scrapbook. Let's pretend I gave them a trip to Hawaii instead.

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  1. My mom LOVED the ones that Ash made for her!

  2. I'm have a teacher certificate, but currently I'm a stay at home mom. If I was a teacher right now, I'd love this gift! No they don't get paid enough, but gifts like these sure help us remember how worthwhile our jobs are.
    What a great idea - adorable pages! I love when the kids have to write something - plus half the pages in the book are done that way right =D.
    I'd love if you linked up to my Scrappy Saturdays! http://www.scrappy-gifts.com/2010/07/20th-scrappy-saturdays.html

  3. That is such a great idea, what a fun and thoughtful gift!! I bet she loved it!

  4. I saw a link to your blog on Facebook and then started looking through some ideas...and hey...I found this. Too funny and cute. I did LOVE this book! Great idea! Natalie was such a sweetie pie!


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