Ballet Cookies

I'm a little obsessed with sugar cookies.

I just keep thinking of reasons to make them.
My girls' ballet recital seemed like a good enough reason to me.

My girls gave these to their ballet friends.
Quite fitting for a little ballerina, I think.
ballet shoes cookie

These were for their ballet teachers.
This is their ballet studio's logo. A silhouette of the founder's daughter in an arabesque.
The teacher's definitely got the meaning and loved them.
Probably not as much as I loved making them though.
juline's logo

Don't be too impressed with my art skills. I don't have any.
I must admit that I am a total cheater! I use the kopycake projector.
I love it! I have so many projects in mind that involve tracing!
I just saw a really in depth review of this product over at sweetopia,
in case you were wondering what it is!

There is still time to enter the giveaway if ya wanna :)


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