I've been known to allow some artistic expression of my kids in the form of paint color and room decor. Last time this resulted in my 10 year old choosing a turquoise bedroom that required sunglasses.

039 (2)

038 (2)

I know, it's alarming. But, she loved it and I awarded myself the Best Mom of the Day award.

Now, she's 15 and had to move bedrooms so little monkey could have a room.

This time it's Zebralicious.


This bed fits into a funky niche in the walls so I tried to do something grand and exciting over her bed. She said she wakes up with glitter on her face every morning. That's the price of being fancy I say.


This zebratastic corner features a chair that I splurged and a garage sale, spray painted mirror. I figure it all evens out.


We got this hand me down desk which fits in this weird spot in the room.

I changed out the knobs and fabric on the seat so it's zebra-sassy.


To complete the wild animal preserve, we have my IKEA frames from my previous post.

Even though I'm not sure it's any less obnoxious than the turquoise train wreck I have a happy 15 year old and don't have to wear my sunglasses in the house.

And then I gave myself another Best Mom of the Day award in the form of 5 pieces of Almond Roca.

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  1. 15??? Let her have whatever she wants I say....she's almost out of the house :(

    (I let Sierra do whatever she wants too, which means that while I have a bit....um...grander dreams, sweet and simple it is)

  2. We just did Caroline's new room in turquoise! But it's not nearly as bright as Corinne's old room.

    I love her new room! And I'm like you, I let my kids do whatever they want in their rooms. Why not? It's their special place in the home.

  3. Just dropped by from The Girl Creative. The room looks like great! Mine's only 6 so still into princesses and fairies.Did you make the bedspread? It's gorgeous!

  4. oh this is just a great room!! So much fun. My tween would love it!
    Great job!

  5. spectacular. sassy. so fun.
    you rocked this room makeover, girly!!

  6. We just left the lime green room that required sunglasses and are moving on to about that same shade of turquoise. Sadly, it's an improvement here. I love the new zebra room do, and if glitter on the face is the only price for being fancy, then go for it!


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