Gettin' Around to Some Scrappin'

Miracles do happen... because we both got around to some scrapbooking!

I thought we'd share some pages with ya!

Kathryn is a fast, creative genius. She whips out pages at a serious rate.
She prefers not to go into it with a sketch, a layout, or any preconceived notions.
She is in her zone when she sits down with a few miscellaneous supplies, pictures of all sizes, and scraps.
She is not deterred by phone calls, messes or mistakes.
In fact, she can turn a mistake into the cutest embellishment you've ever seen!

Here's some of her recent stuff...






I on the other hand.....

I like to have a layout or sketch to go by.
I am in my zone when I have thought about the page before I printed the pictures.
I work best when I sit down with a plan, a clean work space and all the right supplies.
If I don't have this environment, I still have fun, I'm just distracted and slow, slow, slow.

Here's just a few of my recent pages...



Yep, our methods are quite different. She channels Elsie and I channel Becky.
(For those of you who follow scrapbook celebrities).
But, any way we do it, we are glad when it is done.
Our kids love looking through books full of memories, journaling, and pictures.

And that's what really matters. :)


  1. I love both of your pages :) Kathryn, I had to comment because on your "together" page you are using my favorite paper ever! I bought a couple of pages of that paper and used it for a bunch of card-making projects. I love it. :)

  2. Super cute! I want to be crafty like you girls!!!

  3. You both are not going to believe this, but I was at the school Field day today and a friend in my ward says do you like Scrapbooking? And of course I say yes. And she tells me about the school kits she bought from her friend Becky!!!!! Yes she knows Becky and has hung out with her! Now I feel famous. Not sure why......

  4. I wish I had time on my hands to do all of the crafty things you ladies are able to do..working full-time makes it hard, but all of your activities are neat.


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