Heavenly Dessert

This is the perfect summer dessert.

This is the perfect dessert for me.
angel berry trifle

My favorite cake is angel food cake and I have a small obsession with berries.
angel food cake
So when I combine the two.... I fall in love.

I just wanted to recommend a couple recipes to all of you out there.

First is this homemade angel food cake recipe from Martha.
You can buy one in a hurry and make this dessert really easily.
You can also make it from a box mix for just a couple of dollars.
Or you can go all out and make it like my Martha. It is heaven. Period. End of story.
Once I made it this way, I haven't gone back.

Okay, let me get back to the main idea here.
You need to "cube" your heavenly cake.
layer 1

Now layer your pudding-ish goodness.
I made the pudding layer according to a this recipe.
(I cut the amount of sour cream in half and I like it a little better).
layer 2

Then the berries. Oh... the berry goodness. {Sigh}
These were from the grocery store and were great, but the fruit stand's berries are even better.
layer 3

Layer it on up, until your trifle bowl is full to the brim.
Top it off with some good old cool whip, more berries and some mint leaves.

I also had some that didn't fit in the bowl, so I made a little personal one.
Even though my husband calls this a "chick dessert," he didn't complain when he ate this:
individual size

How fab would these babies be at a shower or get-together?

I love to pass on the yumminess I've discovered! Enjoy!

p.s. Did I mention this is low fat! You now have official permission to make this. :)

p.p.s. If you're a berry lover like me, also try Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler. Yum!


  1. Such a fresh and refreshing dessert. Looks wonderful and I bet it is delicious!

  2. This is beautiful! I made a chocolate trifle dessert and thought I was being SO creative to put some in an individual bowl as a dressier version. When I saw this I thought you may have seen the idea on my site, but then I noticed you made yours first! Opps, I guess we both had the same "original" idea! And both have the same Crate and Barel bowls! =)


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