Bow Storage

There is a little secret behind my daughter's bedroom door.


I've collected a few bows over the years that I've been raising 2 girls.
I've tried to take care of my bows and keep them in pretty good shape.
I didn't want to stuff them in a drawer and so I made this little bow hanger years ago.
I think it has kept them in pretty good shape.
However, some of these bows are like 7/8 years old, so if they aren't perfectly perky, you know why.

bow storage

I just bought a little peg strip from IKEA and painted it white.
Then I bought some grosgrain ribbon and sewed a little loop at the top.
Then I took another piece of ribbon through the loop and tied it on the peg.

Over the years I collected a few more, so I cut the ribbons longer and attached them to a metal ring.

Then I just put these rings on the pegs, so the bows are now 2 deep on some pegs.
full bow storage

Not too genius, but it is very functional. My girls know where to put their bows when they're done with them.
This little system has worked for a while and it is tucked away in an unused space.

I thought I might not be the only one who gets grumpy at the sight of a smashed pancake bow!

I'm linking to Blue Cricket Design... take a peek!


  1. If your looking to down size your collection you have a cute little neice that has a collection that she is always looking to add to;) I have turned kenadee into one of your girls she won't leave the house with out a bow

  2. Thats a great idea.. I need a little girl now! Thanks to Tiff I can follow your blog and get all sorts of cute crafting ideas!

  3. I grew up with dress up clothes, but not bows. I love the idea!

  4. That's the same place I have it in Maddie & Kylie's room. They don't even wear half of them anymore!!!

  5. That is the biggest bow collection I have ever seen. My girls don't have more than 2 or 3 to their names, but they would love the collection you've got going.

  6. I am not a huge fan of bows, but you have made a very creative way to store the bows...Kudos!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. LOL Your collection looks like our collection! We even keep ours behind my daughters' door too. Our ribbons are hung from a giant pegboard I bought years ago. Like yours, the ribbons have gotten longer over the years in order to accommodate our ever-growing collection. It's nice to see someone else with the same bow obsession. ;)


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