Incredibles Party

My son is obsessed with the Incredibles movie,
which made it really easy to decide on this as his party theme.
I wanted to share some of the things I did to TRY to make the party as Incredible as Justin is.
Lots of it can be adapted to other party themes.

I started by making this invitation in photoshop.

Then, we wrapped it up with a newspaper and hand-delivered most of them like this.

I didn't want to buy a whole costume, so I made this little T-shirt for him.
I just cut out pieces, put interfacing on the back and sewed them on to a 5 dollar tee from Target.
Then I stuffed batting into his shirt for a few muscles.
He had no problem acting the part when I took pictures for the invitation.


I did a few homemade decorations. These pinwheel things are so fun.
mr. incredible pinwheel

First, I used cardstock and hot-glue to make these.

Then I printed images from the internet and put the characters in the center.
I hung them from the chandelier.
pinwheel decor

Another thing that was semi-homemade was the pinata.
syndrome pinata

I wanted them to beat-up on a syndrome pinata, but couldn't buy one, so I improvised.
I got this little cheapie from the grocery store and turned the happy sun into a nasty villain.
flower pinata

Again, I just printed off the internet and mounted them on paper.
syndrome picts

Here is the run-down of what we did:
Keep in mind, the kids are 3, so things were pretty simple.
Also keep in mind that the 70 degree weather I was wanting came two days too late.
There was such a chili wind we had to do all of the activities inside. :(

When they arrived we watched a little bit of the movie to refresh their memories.

Then we had a healthy snack.
I told them that superheroes need to eat healthy food to be strong.
The one who needed this lecture the most was my own picky-eater!
Anyway, we had to fuel up before our training started.
healthy snack

We started training with weights to be strong like Mr. Incredible.
We started with 2 pounders and then they tried harder weights- up to 10 pounds.
They were so cute as they tried. And these were some buffed 3 year olds.

Then we practiced running fast like Dash.
They all ran a different, haphazard route around the cones,
but were so excited to get to the finishing point.

Then we skipped the obstacle course I planned because it couldn't be done inside.
But now that we were in superhero shape, we were ready to practice fighting Syndrome.
We just needed superhero masks first. (I made cut these out of foam and tied on elastic.

So we did the pinata... inside... totally weird.... I know.
Three year-olds swinging a bat in your home isn't usually a thing I would suggest,
but the kids still loved it and all the decor and electronics survived.
pinata fun

And the final event... a battle with the "real" Syndrome.
Now that they had trained and practiced, they were prepared to battle the enemy.
Syndrome came out and there were 2 boys who immediately jumped on him to wrestle.
They got the idea perfectly after Justin started beating on his Dad. Others were just watching in amazement.
Two little girls were hiding behind my back getting more frightened by the minute.
So the battle was short-lived so as not to leave permanent emotional scars.
I have checked in with their parents and the girls both had positive things to say about the party.
The battle segment didn't ruin their fun. :)

My husband isn't known to do these kinds of things, and he really didn't want to do the red hair.
But he did. And I was pleasantly surprised. And I told him he deserved "father of the year."
Three year olds beating on you doesn't hurt that bad, but he does have a broken arm (that he hasn't casted yet)!
True dedication to the party, I say!

After all of this insanity we settled in to presents and cake and ice cream.
It cracked me up that so many of them were so excited about the gifts
they had gotten him, they began opening their own and yelling out what it was. So cute.
Good times.

Here is the cake. It was my first time with fondant, and it wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be.
I guess all my practice with play-dough came in handy.

Justin was more excited about his star candles than the cake. One never knows how to please a 3 year old.
justin and cake

And last but not least... these are the goodie bags.
I was quite good at making the Incredibles symbol by the end of this.
Or so I thought until I realized I did them all the opposite way. Oh well.

Inside I had a bunch of fun Incredibles stuff that I scored from the dollar spot at Target.
I bought all of this months ago. I loaded up with all they had, not really having any plans yet.
favor content 2

But, it all came together nicely, considering I did 95 % of this 2 days before.
I always have plans in my head, but don't really pull them off until the last minute!
It was a great, small birthday party that was suited just for my incredible boy.

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  1. Emily told me what a great job you did! Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

  2. Love the pinwheels. I will totally have to try that. Love the cake too. I'm so impressed. Fun party!

  3. What an amazing party! Your attention to detail is incredible! The cake is simply gorgeous! Would love to have you link up to the Celebration Inspiration Party on 4/6 - This is sure to be a hit! You did a fabulous job!

  4. Really cute and I love the cake...great job!

  5. thanks for listing your party. It has been featured. Please email me for your "I've been featured" button.


  6. Hi there! I saw your party on the creative party place blog. I just had to come and say WOW! This was amazing! Thanks for putting your great ideas "out there." =)

  7. I love this party! I like how you pulled all those different items together to match your theme. I also love the dollar spot at Target - it's the best. Over the past few months I've been loading up on princess treats for my daughter's party in April.

  8. What a fun party Ashleigh! You are so clever!

  9. Oh wow. What an amazing party. I am loving all the details and activities. Everything is so creative! Michelle emailed me about this and I'm so glad she did. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

  10. that is such a cute idea and it looks like they had a blast I would love for you to link up to check me out saturdays

  11. How did you make the cardstock pinwheel decorations? I'd like to make them for my daughter's 3rd birthday.

  12. That party turned out so cute! You are very creative. Come stop by my Favorite Things Friday Party if you would like to join in!

  13. Very cute! What a fun party :)
    Thanks for you comment you made my day!

  14. Wow, what an incredible - no pun intended - cake! And, I really like the costume, too. Bet he loved it!

  15. I am constantly awed by all the stuff you do. It's so cool, but I have no idea how you fit it all in...

  16. Wow!! What a fantastic job you did!! I love it!!! I saw that stuff at Target! What timing on Targets part! ;)

  17. What an AWESOME PARTY! My little 3 year old would love that, too! She's so into Incredibles, we watch it almost every day. Great job! So creative.

  18. This party is adorable. I am "tucking it away" for later years. Where did you get all of your cute plastic bowls?

  19. Hey Megan, the plastic bowls and paper goods were all from Target. They were pretty inexpensive too. I hope you send me a link if you ever do something similar.

  20. Now that's an INCREDIBLES super hero party.

  21. We are a Disney family and The Incredibles is one of our faves :) Such a cute party.

  22. I am totally stealing about half of your ideas. I'm thinking maybe 6-7 3-year-olds is plenty, though. Thanks so much for posting this. In reality, I'll be lucky if the cake turns out.

    1. You're welcome! I'm sure your cake will be great! I'm no pro!

  23. Thank you so much! You saved my life in terms of planning a party!

  24. This is an awesome idea! I am featuring your Incredibles Party on a Disney Inspired Link List that will go live on February 26th! Please come check it out!

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