Green stuff from the archives

What to blog when I've been out of town.....

I took a looksie in the archives of my photos for something St. Patricks Day-ish.

This was a visiting teaching gift last year.
A little pot of cookies and shamrock suckers, plus the message all on a stick!
St. Patrick's Pot

And if there's anyone out there who has to help their child make a leprechaun trap....
leprechaun trap

We made this out of an unfinished tissue box.
The two little sticks in the entry had fishing line tied across,
so that when the leprechaun came in, he tripped on this line and the door closed.
We decorated the inside with a pot of gold, rainbows and glitter to tempt the little guy.
This is a fun little project and an opportunity to get really creative with your kids.

I'm looking forward to life getting back to normal this week and hopefully getting to a project, or recipe or two!


  1. I love the cookie bouquet! Really cute.

    Allison @

  2. I actually want to start a tradition this year with the leprechaun trap - what a good idea!!!

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