Fondant Play-Date

Easter Cupcakes copy
So, I'm new to fondant, right?
You saw my first cake here.

Well, it was fun. I'm telling you, it's as easy as play-dough!
So after the party I let the kids go for it with a single layer cake and leftover fondant.
playing with fondant

Anyway, I had just a tad more white left, and this week I was ready for another play date with fondant.
I tinted it a few pastel colors, cut out some mini Easter shapes and made my Easter cupcakes.

The only problem in this whole deal is that my kids (and most people)
don't love the taste of fondant and prefer a frosted cupcake.

People, I aim to please. So most of the cupcakes had minimal fondant...
vanilla frosting

But really, who cares how they taste when the cute bunnies are hopping through the grass?
bunnies copy

I'm going with looks over taste on this one.


  1. So cute. I don't like the taste of fondant either, but my friend just made a marshmallow fondant to put on sugar cookies that actually tasted good. I'll try to get the recipe for you if you want.

  2. I don't think I've ever tasted fondant, is it too sweet? Your cupcakes so very cute!

  3. Hi there ! Hilary Northrop sent me to your blog on my quest to find out more about fondant.....did you buy this, or make it?? and you promise it's easy:)?

    super cute blog !!

  4. I was wondering the same thing make or buy?!? :)

    I've been wanting to play with fondant...I LOVE your designs! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love these! I will be featuring them next week for my Easter favorites! Thanks for the inspiration!


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