Lucky 2 Love U

I don't go crazy decorating for the holidays. But, I don't want my house to be a barren wasteland either.
(Why does saying that make me want to sing Teenage Wasteland?)

One of my goals for 2010 was to make my house a home.
I don't consider decorating my strong point, but I am making an effort.
I decided I would get/make one new thing for each holiday this year.

So this is my effort to pay homage to good old St. Patty's Day. I'm part Irish, after all.

Simple, huh!

I stocked up on canvases last time they were on sale and this 11x14 was $2.
I was looking for a shamrock on one of my cricut cartridges but LOWE and behold, I found one at Lowe's.
I donated to muscular dystrophy and instead of displaying this in the store, I asked the guy if I could keep it.
The best part was that the worker asked his manager if I could take my shamrock home.
I convinced him I was a simple crafter with no motive to copy false shamrocks and use them for ill purposes.

I felt pretty good about myself knowing I am serving and donating while I decorate!
I take any self-esteem boosts I can get.

Anyway, I painted my canvass a light green.
Then I just cut out my words on my old school cricut.
Kass has the expression. I have the humble, beginner's model.
I put them on with temporary adhesive (micro sticky dots).

how to

Then spray-painted the most Irish green I could find.
I did it out on the grass thinking it wouldn't show up. It did.
Um, honey... you need to mow the grass so it doesn't look like someone
vandalized a florescent green square in our front yard. Oops.

I simply removed my letters and donation shamrock and I had myself a decoration!

In all seriousness now, I know I am lucky.
This sits next to pictures of my loved ones, who I thank my lucky stars and shamrocks are in my life!
With a recent reminder that life is fragile, I must be reminded to be grateful. I am a lucky lady.

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  1. That does look amazing. I need to get going on my stuff too.

  2. so cute
    I painted a St/ Patrick's day Canvas years ago and look forward to getting it out every year. I will have to take a photo of it :)
    If you are interested in painting canvas' Pottery barn catalogs have great ideas I used them as inspiration to decorate my kids rooms as well as gave them as gifts to everyone for a couple years-very fun project, not expensive-but handmade(which is the best part)

  3. So, you don't decorate much huh? I am impressed for your non-decoarting skills. Are you sure you don't decorate? Great idea to use the st patricks day thing from the grocery store! Genius! Please, stop by sometime and say hello!

  4. So cute! I'm going to link it up to my Friday Favorites. I hope that's ok!



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