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I currently serve in the Primary at my church. This is the organization for the kids ages 3-11.
I love it, love it, love it!

I often do a project or two, or ten, relating to to Primary.
I can't begin to tell you how many times I've searched the internet for ideas and
I thought it was about time I share/ recycle the ones I am using.

First up was some new binder covers for the teachers and leaders.
Very simple. I used the "hello teacher" digital kit from house of 3 for the kids.
The rest was just a few blocks of color. Sorry about the smudge, for privacy reasons.
binder covers
Next up, I planned the annual "meet your teacher breakfast" activity.
These are the reminder handouts. I like to make them into necklaces so they won't lose
them before they get home and show them to their parents.

breakfast tag

While they were arriving, they colored a paper doll of them and their teacher.
The theme was that their teachers are here to serve them, so they did.
Each class had a table and their teacher was their waiter/waitress.
They took their order from this little menu.

For the rest of the activity, they broke up into classes and did some get-to know things.
Then we returned and played a relay game. In the game they had to carry balloons on a
huge serving tray across the gym into a trash bin.
The balloons flew off if they went too fast or if they didn't balance the tray. It was crazy but the kids loved it.

Here is this year's new spotlight gift. Each week we spotlight a child and learn more about them.
We wrapped up a miniature flashlight (from oriental trading) and put on this little poem.
They get this little token to take home after they are featured.
I can't take credit for the idea, but I still wanted to pass it along.

We recently had our "great to be eight" fireside and I thought these cupcakes turned out cute.
They were a collaborative effort and this cupcake stand I got at Costco really made them fabulous!

I also made these little baptism memory books for the kids. Again I used digital elements from house of 3.
For the content, I copied it. I just made it into a small book instead of printing it on regular paper.
In the back there is a pocket for their little bookmark and things.
baptism book


  1. Hi! I didn't realize you had made these little booklets. I was looking at Bekah's and I really love how they turned out. Great job on all of it. What is house of 3?

  2. Hey Lisa, I will get that link up. It is a website with lots of cute digital kits. One of the team members is Heidi Swapp, who I love.

  3. Hi Ashleigh, I was just moved to the CTR 7 class for next year and I love the Baptism books. Do you have the file you used, or where I can get the information? I think these would be great to give our class as they get baptized. Any help or direction would be great. Thanks so much for all your creative ideas.

  4. I want one of those memory books for my almost 8 year old. Where to purchase? So fun!!!

  5. Ditto - Id love to purchase one of the memory books for my soon-to-be-8 year old!

  6. Sorry to bombard you with another request for those adorable books, but I just got moved to the CTR 7 class. I was already thinking of trying to get something together for them. These books are perfect. Do you mind passing along the info to me too? Thanks! I ADORE your blog, btw.

  7. My youngest just turned 8 and is getting baptized next month. I'd also love the AMAZING baptism books. What darling ideas you have!! Thanks. Renee

  8. Our great to be eight party is In a couple weeks I love your book idea I would love more info? thanks jamie

  9. Wow i just came across your website and as a primary president i always love a good idea. I would love to use your baptism book idea for the kids getting baptized this year could you send me some info to?

  10. I would love to use your baptism book idea for the kids getting baptized this year could you send me some info also?

  11. Agreed - your Baptism books are adorable - could you send me information too? Thanks!

  12. Just came across your blog - what great ideas there are! I can see I'm not the only one interested in the Baptism books. my email is and I would LOVE some more info on them!

  13. This is awesome. I also just moved into the CTR 7 class and would love to get more information on the Baptism books. My email is Thanks!

  14. I too, Love your baptism books and your darling binder covers. I would LOVE more information on them. My e-mail is Thank you thank you!

  15. These are all so great! Are you sharing the downloads? IF so I would LOVE them.

  16. Love the baptism book. Would love the download sent to me also.

  17. Love the baptism book. Would love the download sent to me also.

  18. Can I get a copy of your baptism book also. And the cupcake toppers too.

  19. i would love to have more info on the baptism books!! thank you for all your ideas and inspiration!! deesohana{at}gmail{dot}com

  20. me too on the baptism booklets, and is there a link to the darling cupcake toothpicks?
    Very cute--very.

    Thank you in advance- Katie

  21. I don't know if you are still sending out information on your baptism books, but I would love to hear more. Thanks for your ideas!


  22. If you are still in the mood to hand out freebies I would an email of the booklets and other baptism info. Our "great to be 8" is next month and I have never done so I am looking for info. THANKS!


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