Ode to Cellophane Bags

I use them for everything. Buy them by the hundreds. It's all the presentation I can muster.

The printed cellophane bags are cute but that would require runnning to the store for each occasion which is my least favorite thing to do.

I buy the clear bags at our local Floral Supply Store. They come in 3 sizes, literally in a 100 count. I try to keep all three sizes stocked. Here are just some of the many uses.



I let the three little kids pick out whatever they wanted at Oriental Trading Company. Then, got out my Cellophane Bags, printed up a little tag and used the fold over and staple method to hide the fact that I just opened the box that arrived on my door. I used the small bags for the Baby Bottle Pops, Medium for the Fun Dip and the ring pops were already in a bag so I just stapled the tag on top.

Birthday Treats


Apparently I had more energy then and added a piece of patterned paper and flower to these tags, but same idea. Candy + bag + tag = easy and cute birthday favor.

Teacher Treats


My older kids are in middle school and high school which makes Teacher gifts hard and expensive times 12 but I want to give their hardworking teachers a little something. Candy, cookies, whatever go into my cellophane bags and off to school. If the cookies are a little bigger they stack and look very snazzy.

I wish I had more pictures because I have used these for baby showers, handouts at church, neighbor gifts, etc. times a billion.


  1. Oh my "on top of your game." You already have your kids' valentines done!?! You really are ready for this baby. If only he would cooperate and come now! Once the valentines are done, there is nothing to do but sit and wait! (j/k)

  2. YAY! Somebody who shares my love of bags! Because-hello?-everything looks better wrapped in plastic.

    (except my body. don't ask)

    When is that baby supposed to pop out?

  3. Okay just so you girls know I keep sending EVERYONE over to your blog to take a looky at how freakin talented you are! I love this blog of yours, just thought I'd let ya know.

  4. Good suggestion, I like the idea of getting the clear ones so you can use them for any occasion, thanks girls all of your ideas are just the bestest!!

  5. I'm a BIG fan of the clear bags to! The amp up any small gift, treat or prize!!


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