Here's the deal with my dough

This is my system. When I make a batch of cookies, I rarely want to bake up all of them.
So I cook what I need, then use my cookie scoop to make a little dough ball,
put them in zip-locs, and freeze them.
in bags

I almost always have a little dough in the freezer.
That way, when there is a scrapbook party, game night, or something that I need to bring a treat to,
I just pop some in the oven. I set them out for 5 min or so, but they really don't even need to thaw at all.
They cook up just the same. And I can cook up just the amount that I want.

So when there's a night when the hubs and I need a little something sweet, we can cook up just a few.
They are much better warm anyway and no big mess.
frozen cookie dough

This has worked for chocolate cookies and peanut butter cookies,
but they aren't so much a staple in my freezer.
Chocolate chip is my family's fave, and luckily not mine, so I don't eat the dough.
Sometimes when I don't use all my sugar cookie dough, I freeze some too.
Not in a ball, but in a big loaf, wrapped in lots of saran. It has to thaw before I can roll it out.

Disregard if this is old news to you. But if its not, welcome to warm cookies on demand.


  1. I think this is a great tip, cuz I never feel like making the WHOLE cookie dough from scratch when I have a baby crying and toddler pulling at me and so forth, so this is a great idea! And like you guys, my hubby likes a little something at night so being able to just pop a few in the oven would be great! I definitely need a good ice cream scoop so all of my cookies come out more uniform ;-)

  2. Hey, I love that tip. It is such a pain to make them from scratch, especially for a little family.

    PS Your New Year's cookies are AMAZING!!


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