snowflake cookie

The Good News:
* the frosting turned out just the martha-ish color I wanted
* Jenna got pretty good with her snowflake art yesterday

The Bad News:
* this is what we ate for breakfast today
* plus hot chocolate
* my kids are really hyper


  1. Yum. I totally want some Ash! I was getting on here to get your icing recipe & am planning to make some sugar cookies (which I haven't done in forever - you'd be shocked). Wish me luck!

  2. Sarah- happy baking! I wish we were decorating and hanging out together. Or I could just hold Meghan for you while you do it. Miss you guys tons!

  3. aha, you're funny..i love the blue icing! ya know i'm printing out some of these ideas so i can be crafty and thoughtful nxt year when I'm not in baby "fog", these are such pretty cookies!


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