Our Cards

Merry Christmas!

I thought we should share this monumental step we both took this year...

Digitally designed Christmas cards. :) / :(
We "made" them in photoshop.

It's the first time we haven't ran around buying paper (the stores are always cleaned out of red cardstock) ,
ribbon, glue, envelopes, cut, pasted, slaved, and created our cards by hand.

the card
Ashleigh's Feelings: Mixed. I miss scrapbooking them because it's tradition. It really is fun if I'm organized, have a good idea and I'm not stressed about getting them done. But realistically, I usually am a bit stressed when they take way longer than planned. Digital really was easier.

Christmas Card_edited-3
Kathryn's Feelings: "I'm converted! Somethings gotta give when you're 8 months pregnant with your 6th. I'm happy with how they turned out and it took away some Christmas stress!"

It was a new adventure, and the fact is, it simplified our lives.

So here's to clicking "add to cart"
and having them arrive on your doorstep with envelopes and all!


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