Merry Christmas to Ashleigh (and me- he he!)

For years I've been threatening. Wishing. Waiting.....

To mess up Ashleigh's perfect, matching, far cuter than anything I could come up with Christmas wrapping.

For those of you who didn't see her Christmas wrapping post, scroll here. You will understand why I felt it was my duty to help her tree look, well, like the rest of ours.


Thanks Ash, for being so organized, perfect, matching and lovely in all you do. I really do love that about you. I just felt the need to make myself feel better, and laugh a little. That's your Christmas gift to me even if you didn't know it.


  1. THAT'S IT? That's the tackiest paper you could find?? Where are the cartoon characters? The "Feliz Navidad"? I'm so disappointed...

  2. You sneaky fox, you! I am cracking up! I know I deserve the ridicule for confessing my quirks/ problems in this public forum. But really, how did you do it?

  3. Sorry to disappoint, Rebecca, watch out Ashleigh, next year I'll take Rebecca's challenge and search for the ugliest paper on the planet. But, Ash doesn't like ANY characters, ever, so the bright red Santa's I thought would do the trick without sending her into heart failure.

    Ash- I had my kids in on my little plan. Even Scott. I snapped a pic Christmas morning while you were all comfy on the couch in your pepto bismol Snuggie. :)

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