Candles- Heidi Style!

I had fun learning how to make custom candles from Heidi's blog. I've been a fan of Heidi Swapp for years. She took me through step by step in her video tutorial! I've always wanted to try this and now that I have.... I have so many ideas I want to try.

I made these for some friends and neighbors at Christmas. I tried different sizes and shapes, but the best part was putting a personalized message on them. I bought the Santas in a digital kit from house of 3.


I had one left and I decided to make a new years candle. If you can't read it in the picture it says, "welcome 2010," and has some fireworks in the background. And I couldn't resist putting a little Martha glitter on for fun. I'm addicted to the stuff lately. I'm thinking I should've asked for the big multi pack for Christmas! I'm thinking I need to make Monogramed candles, Valentine, Easter, St Patrick's Day, 4th of July candles and the list of possibilities goes on.

new year candle

Anyway, just thought I'd pass on the tutorial for ya!

Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Cute idea! My mom gave us something similar for Christmas...or rather the supplies to make our own. I am excited to try it out.

  2. I'm going to check out the video tutorial! I'm always wondering what to give people that is different and unique, I think personalized candles is a superb idea, especially for those people that have everything so what do you get them? Or for neighbors and such that you don't know their preferences really, and I'll have to check out digital3 do they have other holidays and such? If these turn out well I will probably do them for a lot of holidays like you were mentioning too..:-)

  3. I meant house of 3! how do you put them on the candle do they just stick? i'm major craft rookie..;-)

  4. We were SO impressed with these candles. Such a fun gift to receive! I'm glad I know about this blog now, so I can learn all of your creative secrets . . . :)


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