Pretty Pony Party

Camille wanted a pony party based on a pink and purple cake here in Family Fun. In my search for ideas all I could find was western, cowboy etc pony parties. That's not what my girly girl four year old wanted. So, the pretty pony party evolved.

The invitation which is not my favorite, but I made with paper and fabric on hand so, bonus.


I looked on the internet for hobby horses to buy, I really did. But, they weren't pretty. So I met Karen on this video series here and it looked so fun, I officially had a bee in my bonnet to make 12 pretty pony hobby horses.


It's not that I regret that decision but you should probably start on the project sooner than two days before the party. It will make your husband happier.

The party guests arrived and put on "pony tails."


Then they chose their pretty pony, they were all a little different and then they chose a pony name like "Buttercup" "Fancy" "Magic Star" etc and we attached their tag.


We went outside with our ponies to play games like "Pony, Pony, Horse" instead of "Duck, Duck, Goose," "Mother May I" (Mother may I take three pony gallops, two clip clops, one pony leap etc), and then just pranced around like a pretty pony should.

Then the party guest arived at the Pretty Pony Beauty Shop where I had all sorts of little clips, bells, curling ribbon on barrettes, feathers etc out for them to fancy up their pony by decorating their yarn manes. I put out Camille's pretend makeup kit from Build A Bear, too. I cracked up when the little girl whose mom is a hairdresser actually did a really cute hairdo for her pony.



Then we had our pretty pony cake and presents.

Then the girls went home with their pony and their Adoption Certificate. I had to convince a few of them that they could actually keep their ponies. Apparently I'm not usually that nice.


Making those ponies did almost put me over the edge but considering that was all I had to do for games, activities, and favors, it was worth it. The purple fabric wasn't my first choice but it fit the budget and the ponies only ended up being about 5 dollars each. I would like to thank the academy... oh, I mean Dave for cutting my dowels, Dad for bringing the circular saw over to my house and helping me score the dowels, my hubby for painting all the dowels pink, my oldest for helping my curl loads of curling ribbon, Ash for making me (I mean encouraging me to) post this party, and my kids for watching me make the yarn manes and telling me they were cool, it helped ease the pain. Happy Birthday little Camille!


  1. If it were me, they'd all be sharing one horse, because 1. that's too much work and 2. I AM that mean.

    Did I mention that I haven't had a theme birthday party since Jordan turned three? Oh yeah. Six years ago. Camille's a lucky baby (for a little while longer, at least).

  2. Oh, and I think the invites are adorable. So there.

  3. Oh, Katherine, I miss you!!!!!! I do however, have to say I don't miss trying to keep up with Ash and you and all your amazing parties! I can't believe that Camille is so big. I miss you guys!

  4. You and Ashleigh are so amazing! I really need to get on the creative ball and put some thought behind my baking and parties!! This is a great idea, and fun because the kids can get involved and take home their creations, I think my daughters would love these parties! Thanks for the inspiration and fun ideas, they turn out great!!

  5. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Making twelve pretty ponies would put me in the looney bin for sure! I'd probably try to talk my child into cutting the invite list down to like, two. You are amazing! I am not going to admit that I've only ever thrown one birthday party. That would be embarrassing. Especially after reading this post . . .

  6. This is so cute! I do crazy stuff like this sometimes also. I once didn't get an order of prince capes in time, so I had to go to the 24hour walmart for fabric and stayed up all night making them. They were a hit though!

  7. This is absolutely adorable! I love the hobby horses! SO cute!

  8. I love your pretty pony party - I too once designed a whole party around that family Fun cake for my daughter who has had a pony party 5 different times in one way or another (was born saying horse) I made pony head bands and yarn tails for the girls - I think your horses are amazing AND your invitations are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is definitely cool. You win Cool Party Mom of the Year award. Great job!

  10. wow!!! i'm so glad i found your blog now so maybe i have time to do this by july for my pony obsessed gal. great job! love it all!

  11. Oh my goodness. That is over the top fun. I don't think I would EVER be that nice to make ponies for everyone! Wow, Wow, Triple wow!

  12. You have totally inspired me! I am making about 20 of these horses and doing a party of my own for my little girl. I hope it turns out as cute as yours!!!

  13. How did you make the ponies heads??


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