Candy Corn

Candy Corn begs to be mimicked.
Pretty much you can turn any food into halloween refreshments by
forming a triangle and adding the colors white, orange, and yellow/ brown.
I've seen so many cute things done.

I love doing sugar cookies with royal icing, but this week after the triangles were baked, I ran out of time.
So the much faster route was to use the squeze bottles I love
and put some melted chocolate in them instead.

Then I zig-zagged like a crazy lady.
Really, I did the whole 3 pans in about 10 min.
The result was not fabulous.
But I think it successfully resembled a candy corn, so I called it a halloween treat.
And chocolate on a sugar cookie is a very close second to frosting on a sugar cookie.

p.s. Are you bored of my food posts? Or just bored of pictures with a brown granite backdrop?
Stay tuned because any second now, Kathryn is going to post her fabulous "pretty pony party."


  1. Hi Ashleigh and Kathryn! It's Suzi(Doxey) Matthes. I'm at work late at night and found your blogs through Karen's site. It's fun to see pictures of you guys! This site is great! I'm going to make those cookies and the soup. Ashleigh I'm listening to your music now from your blog. I love it!

  2. I love all the food blogs! I get inspired to bake/cook more and of course all the party and decorating blogs help fuel my creativity!, my granite looks like yours so it helps to imagine these fun food items on my own counter..haha!


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