Fancy Nancy Party

If you have a little girl, you have probably read Fancy Nancy.

Jenna loves this series and wanted a Fancy Nancy style birthday party this year.

So I took some pictures of her, all fancied up...
photo shoot

And I made fancy invitations...

Then I ordered from the tried and true oriental trading company. I got crowns, rings, necklaces, candy, sunglasses, etc.
I got the boas from my local craft store.
fancy nancy 1

I had fun making this banner with my cricut.

Jenna was stoked and ready to go!
fancy nancy

We put this on the front door, trying to use fancy words.
sign on door

When they got here, they signed their name as fancy as they could.
autograph sheet

We read the story, in case some of the girls didn't know the story.
Then we started our Fancy Nancy Makeovers! We got hair styles, make-up and accessories.

We had a little dancing, and a photo shoot. All the girls posed with all their accessories on. I used the individual ones for their thank-you cards. The group ones were really funny.

Next it was time for parfaits, just like Nancy.
ice cream
fancy nancy 4

I made mini cupcakes just because I thought it would be fancy.
I copied bakerella, but mine don't even come close to being as cute as her ever famous cake pops, but they do taste great!
Here, Jenna is trying to eat one with her pinky up, like it says in the book.
fancy nancy 5

I put sunglasses, lip gloss, , jewelry and of course candy in the little party bags.
party bags

Then my friend Karen gave me this Fancy Nancy Checklist which I shrunk down and put in the party bags.
party bags 2

I had a lot of fun throwing this party. My one regret was that it was a little too short, so I felt a little rushed.
I kept thinking, there may not be too many more years when I have a little girl that wants a dress up/ girlie party.
I will treasure the little girliness while I can.

Jenna of course loved it all. She loved the cooking presents she got and even got some new Fancy Nancy stuff.
She couldn't get enough of the phone.
fancy phone


  1. Wow, this is such a cute party...please help me with Amelia's when she's older...I cannot wait to see more on your new website. :)

  2. Ashleigh- this is so funny because not only did we do this same party at the same time, which you already knew, but I have had the same idea for a website just like this because I find great joy in planning little parties and doing fun stuff and want to document it and give other people ideas too, if they are interested. Great minds think alike, right? It's such a great creative outlet. I was actually just thinking today, ironically enough, how I never got to see pictures of Jenna's party. It looks adorable. I wish so badly that we lived closer to each other so that we could plan stuff together and our girls could be friends. Maybe we can plan a little party for our girls for next time I come to Modesto??? What do you think?

  3. Wow! You are amazing Ashleigh! I love all the cute FANCY ideas! Looks like Jenna really had a blast too! You are such a cool mom!! You got me thinking of doing something great for Ali instead of the same ol' thing (chuck e cheese). I might be calling you for advice.

    I love your home blog too! Your kids are adorable! Do you mind if I put you on my blog buddy list?

    Take care,

  4. Ok... we have so much in common! Such a cute party! I appreciate stuff like this and all the hard work that goes into it. You're such a fun creative mom. I love stuff like this!!

  5. (sigh) Sometimes it's really hard, knowing I'm never going to have a girl! I don't even know who fancy Nancy is, but she sounds awesome. :)

  6. Wow this is so darling, My daughter really wants a Fancy Nancy party this year! Where did you get the Fancy Nancy checklist, or could you send me a copy of what it says?
    Thanks, Carlee


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